Explorer1 Disc Publisher DVD/CD 2 Drive with Teac P55

Revolutionary High Performance Disc Publishing

Teacís new Explorer1 Disc Publishing System is an on-demand network system that allows automated operations from data writing to disc printing. Once the system receives instructions form single or multiple client computers, the Explorer 1 can automatically record and print up to 300 discs with a mix of CD or DVD discs.

The built-in high resolution thermal re-transfer printer uses dye-sublimation/thermal-fusion to produce 400dpi print quality on your discs. The result is the worlds best quality disc printing directly onto the surface of the disc. Coupled with the built-in CD/DVD recorders the system can handle various applications from low-volume production to mass production.

Also included is the precision rotary robotic arm, capable of performing fully automated operations including on-demand CD/DVD data copying and disc printing.

The Explorer1 is a state-of-the art system that combines all the elements listed above in one unit for space saving installation. The Explorer1 also has an API that can be easily controlled by other applications.


  • Fully automated on-demand network system
  • Robust casing, attractive design
  • All-in-one unit with printer
  • Embedded control centre
  • Includes transfer robot, HDD, 2 x 16x DVD recorders and controller
  • Professional application software for burning and printing
  • P55 Thermal re-transfer printer for hi-resolution, bleed free and uv-stable prints
  • 300 Disc capacity input/output
  • Designed for production grade useage

Want to know more about how the P55 printer stacks up against the competition?

Have a look at the Teac P55 Competitive Analysis and the Lifetime Cost Comparison. Download our brochure Ė Teac P55 Ė The Road to Success. Better yet get a sample print and compare for yourself. Contact us for your free sample disc printed on a Teac P55.

Model: Explorer1 Disc Publisher DVD/CD 2 Drive
Disc Capacity: 300
Drives: 2
Hard Disk Drive: Yes
Controller: Embedded
Media: Thermal printable DVD/CDs
Print Method: Thermal
Ribbons: Photo Ribbon Set (500 prints), Colour Ribbon Set (500 prints), Versamax Colour Ribbon Set (500 prints).
Colours: 24 bit full colour, 256 gradation levels per colour, CMYK
Operating Systems: Embedded Controller
Data Interface: Gigabit Ethernet 1000BASE-T (10/100/1000 BASE-T) Connector RJ45
Network Ready: Yes
Power Requirements: AC100-AC120V?«¨Ī10%, 50/60Hz AC220-AC240V?«¨Ī10%, 50/60Hz
Weight: 56.6 kg
Dimensions: 450 (W) x 650 (D) x 540 (H)mm
Environment: 15-30?Ǭ? C
Warranty: 1 year RTB, extended warranty available

  • Model: TEAEXP1
  • Manufactured by: Teac

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