Bravo XR/XRP Server

The XR Series from Primera is designed specifically for deployment in “mission critical” applications that require fast and efficient disc burning and printing, rock-solid reliability, and professional-quality recorded and printed CDs, DVDs and Blu-Ray discs.All XR series hardware is built with tough 18-gauge steel cabinets and 11 gauge steel bezels. The server XR is preconfigured to work perfectly with your Bravo XR or XRP. Server XR is preloaded with the Primera Install Disc and Windows Vista Pro to ensure you are up and running with your XR series hardware in no time at all. No more worrying about installing the software, making sure your hardware is up to spec and having to deal with software conflicts. The server XR has a powerful processor, 2huge hard drives and lots of RAM ensuring your XR series hardware will perform optimally. The matching server case stacks neatly on top of your XR or XRP and clips neatly into place.Want to be able to send your XR series hardware jobs over your network? No problems. PTBurn Network Software for windows is included with Bravo XRP and is available as an optional extra for Bravo XR.

Model: Primera XR/XRP Server
Hard Disk Drive: Dual Western Digital 250GB SATA2 Hard Disks
Operating Systems: Includes Windows XP Pro
Standard Configuration: Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.4Ghz CPU, Vista Business, 2GB Ram, Gigabit Ethernet, Preloaded with Primera Software
Weight: 8.6kg
Dimensions: 432mmW x 89mmH x 420mmD
Internal Lighting: Blue LED
Options: Extended Warranty
Warranty: 1 Year RTB

  • Model: FAR249

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