BoxWriter Auto 2 Burner CD and DVD duplicator

Tired of manually loading and unloading individual discs? Want to avoid the hassle of having to connect a PC? Already have pre-labeled discs or don’t require disc labeling functionality? Need an easy to use, fast, high capacity, standalone, automated CD/DVD duplication solution?

Whether you are a software company distributing programs via CD, a church using DVDs to share sermons with your congregation or a business relying on CDs and DVDs to promote your latest product, the BoxWriter BW7220 Series, Dual Recorder, Standalone BD/CD/DVD Automated Duplicator has arrived to meet your needs.

BoxWriter BW7220’s dual recorders, Native SATA throughput, and independent loaders and sync unloader offers unparallel speed and performance. Upgrade to the BoxWriter BW7220-BR and get two Blue-Ray capable recorders gaining more than five times the storage capacity of traditional DVDs. One-touch operation of one-to-multiple and multiple-to-multiple disc duplication with disc write failure detection technology makes completing any type of duplication job a synch.

An 80 disc capacity without the need for a PC connection and Non-Stop Disc Refilling with First In, First Out (FIFO) disc output makes BoxWriter BW7220 the ideal solution for any size project. BoxWriter BW7220 is truly the perfect addition to any business, providing an affordable, efficient, space saving, integrated answer to in-house CD/DVD duplication.

Dual Recorder, Standalone BD/CD/DVD Automated Duplicators

BoxWriter is a state-of-the-art, automated, optical disc duplicator, which does not require a PC connection to operate. It is an integrated system with built-in dual optical disc recorders, a hard disk and auto-loaders. The embedded controller and built-in hard disk provide an extremely reliable automated, standalone, duplication solution.

Native SATA Hard Disk and Optical Drive True High-Speed Throughput Connections

With Native SATA high-speed throughput connections BoxWriter supports increased data transfer rates. Native SATA also allows for thinner cables which permit air cooling to work more efficiently increasing operation reliability.

One-to-Multiple and Multiple-to-Multiple Disc Duplication with Disc Write Failure Detection

BoxWriter not only performs one-to-multiple, but also multiple-to-multiple disc duplication. Multiple-to-multiple disc duplication saves time by combining duplication projects into a single session. As an added convenience, BoxWriter’s Disc Write Failure Detection System will recognize failed discs and automatically separate them for you.


Neatly Designed, Compact Footprint with Lockable, Dust-Free Disc Cabinet for Secure Operation

A lockable cabinet protects discs from dust and unauthorized access and the neatly designed, compact footprint makes BoxWriter quite the space saver. Stylish, affordable and small enough to fit in any office, BoxWriter really is the next essential device for any business.

80 Disc Capacity, Non-Stop Disc Refilling with First In, First Out (FIFO) Disc Output

BoxWriter, with an 80 disc capacity and dual recorders, outputs at twice the rate of single recorder duplication units. First In, First Out (FIFO) disc processing via the Top-Feeding Loader gives you trouble-free refill access when needing to complete projects demanding more than 80 discs. Non-Stop Disc Refilling frees projects from disc capacity constraints, making it possible to duplicate an unlimited number of discs without having to start a new project.

Loading and Unloading Mechanism Saves on Cycle Time

Traditional auto-loaders waste time as one robotic arm must travel back and forth to pick up, load and unload discs.
BoxWriter employs independent loader/unloader to speed the process and shorten cycle time. This results in a significant increase in disc output.

One-Touch Operation with Control Panel and LED Indicators

Getting BoxWriter up and running is simple. The control panel with LED indicators and operation buttons takes minutes to learn. Simply connect the power cord, turn the power switch to the “on” position, load the master and blank discs into the disc loader, and press the desired duplication speed button.
Product Map..

Operation Standalone, built-in hard drive, one-touch operation, control panel with push buttons and LED indicators, Does not require host computer or software to operate
Duplication Mode Automated one-to-multiple and multiple-to-multiple disc duplication with two at once disc processing
Control Panel High Speed, Safe Speed, Function, Test/Abort, with corresponding LED Indicators
Disc Storage Lockable, dust-free cabinet secures Disc Storage and Output Bin
Disc Drive Two CD/DVD optical disc recorders; Two Blu-Ray/DVD/CD recorders (BW7220BR) (additional drives available upon request)
Write Speed CD-R 40x, CD-RW 32x, DVD±R 18x, DVD±R Dual Layer 10x, DVD-RW 6x, DVD+RW 8x, Blu-Ray 4x (BW7220BR) (writing speeds may vary depending on the disc recorder configuration)
Hard Drive 3.5" SATA hard drive
Computer Bus Native SATA hard disk and optical disc drive connections
Input Capacity 80 discs (increased capacity using Non-Stop Refilling)
Output Capacity 80 discs (removable bin for increased capacity using Non-Stop Refilling)
Reject Disc Capacity 3 discs (unlimited discs using Reject Disc Slot)
Auto-Load Mechanism First In, First Out (FIFO) top-feeding independent loader, Sync-unloader, Disc Separation (patent pending)
Cycle Time Less than 15 seconds between disc writing
Disc Size Standard Blue-Ray/CD/DVD disc (120 mm in diameter)
Operation Temperature 6c-30c
Humidity 5% to 85%, no condensation
Certification CE and FCC, power adaptor is UL approved
Dimensions 23.9 x 44.9 x 47.4 cm
Shipping: 60 x 40 x 59
Weight 14 kg (varies upon configuration)
Shipping 16kg (23Kg by Volume)
Power 100-240VAC, 50-60 Hz

  • Model: BW7220
  • Manufactured by: Datatronics

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