Quixx Auto Scratch remover

Scratch remover for paint finishes/car paint finishes

Unattractive scratches in the paintwork of cars are unavoidable over time. QUIXX Repair System removes scratches, small marks and scuff marks quickly and reliably from all paint finishes (including metallic). Two different special polishes can be used to eliminate both slight and deep scratches. Simply apply the paste and polish. Through the superior action of QUIXX the paint finish shines with a new lustre. This offers an added bonus in maintaining the value of your car, motorcycle, caravan or boat, etc. You'll be amazed! Suitable for all paint finishes (incl. metallic).

7-piece set comprising two tubes scratch remover, one polishing cloth, and four strips of special sandpaper.


Step 1:

Apply Quixx Polish (No. 1) to the scratched area and, applying pressure and a circular motion, use a clean cotton cloth to polish the area for about 1-2 minutes.

Step 2:

Use QUIXX Finish (No. 2) to polish to a shine.

For deep scratches, first wet-sand with the enclosed special sandpaper (grain 2500). Do not expose primer! Follow steps 1 and 2. Suitable for polishing machines.

Repair set comprising:
• 1 tube QUIXX Polish (No. 1)
• 1 tube QUIXX Finish (No. 2)
• 1 polishing cloth
• special sandpaper

QUIXX is the world's first scratch remover for paint finishes whose effectiveness has been proven. It is also the first care product of its kind to receive the TÜV (Technical Inspection Agency) inspection certificate. This high accolade was awarded to QUIXX as a result of it passing the very strict testing procedures and norms of the TÜV inspection program. The following aspects were inspected:

• Effectiveness
• Paint compatibility
• Shine effect
• Skin compatibility
• Environmental compatibility
• Processability
• Surface image
• Varnish image
• Production facilities

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