Tera Combo Raid Box USB 2.0 and eSATA 2 Drive

The Tera Raid Box adds fast and convenient Raid protection or large storage capacity to your PC. Supporting 2 SATA hard disk drives the Tera Raid Box provides a USB 2.0 or high speed eSATA connection.


  • USB 2.0 and eSATA connection. Cannot be used simultaneously.
  • Striping, Mirroring, Combine and Standard modes for effective storage management.
  • Easy configuration of RAID modes with DIP switches, no IT expertise required
  • Simplifies RAID management, no software installation required
  • Achieves fastest performance via Striping mode. Up to 100 MB per second
  • Supports automatic rebuild in Mirroring mode
  • Ensures data integrity with redundant backup capability
  • Eliminates potential downtime, repair costs and lost sales due to disk failure
  • Easy monitoring of system status via LED indicators
  • Dissipates heat effectively with metal housing
  • Maximizes airflow with silent, high quality fan
  • Supports current SATA II compliant HDDs, backwards compatible with most SATA I compliant HDDs
  • Simplified cable free HDD installation
  • Supports hot-plug

Also available with pre-installed Hard Drives

    TR4023UR2T 2 x 1 TB Drives

  • Model: TR4023UR
  • Manufactured by: Evocept

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