Tera Raid Box eSATA 8 Drive with HBA

$399 inc GST unpopulated
$1999 inc with 16TB

Tera Raid Box eSATA 8 Drive provides a high performance disk array design and offers high performance and capacity well beyond the typical desktop drive. Supporting up to 8 SATA drives and a next generation PCI-Express SATA II RAID5 host bridge adapter ideal for graphic design and audio/video applications demanding large storage capacities.


  • Provides highest commitment to data security through the use of RAID architecture to back up and protect data
  • Increase storage throughput by use of RAID architecture to combine the throughput of multiple drives into a single volume
  • Drive sparing support hardware failure risk can be minimized by automatically regenerating the failed disks data on a backup disk
  • Drives can be moved between controllers without losing data
  • Simplified cable free HDD installation
  • The software driver includes support for Self-Monitoring Analysis and Reporting Technology (S.M.A.R.T) to predict disk failures
  • Two eSATA host ports to 8 SATA 3.5 inch hard disk drives with hard disk trays and door cover
  • Power and host status LED and eight device status/activity LED
  • Design based on the Silicon Image Sil3726 Port-Multiplier with Sil3132R5 PCI-Express 1X Host Bus Adapter included
  • Supports Striped (RAID 0), Mirrored (RAID 1), Mirrored + Striped (RAID 10), Parity RAID (RAID 5); Hot spare on Mirrored (RAID 1) and Parity RAID (RAID 5)
  • 300W power supply

Also available with pre-installed Hard Drives

    TR8023ER8T 8 x 1 TB Drives
    TR8023ER16T 8 x 2 TB Drives

  • Model: TR8283ER
  • Manufactured by: Evocept

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