Taiyo Yuden White inkjet printable CD-R 80 Min/700 Mb 52X

Taiyo Yuden Master grade Thermal re-transfer printable media, recomended for printers such as Teac P55 and Rimage everest range of printers.

  • Taiyo Yuden provide a 100 year durability data integrity Guarantee for CD-R & 50 Year for DVD-R
  • Zero wave distortion
  • Lowest Bler, E12 & E22 error rate in the industry
  • Lowest jitter & deviation levels in the industry
  • ISO 14001 certified manufacturing
◦ "52x" design assure of writing at 2x to 52x
◦ Improve recording sensitibity, and realize wide read margin
◦ "Super Cyanine DX" develop cyanine dye to high speed writing
◦ Conforming to the standard of "Orange book PartⅡ"
◦ Super wide read / write margin
High recording sensitivity, and small wave length dependence
Support various tracking mechanism of CD-ROM
◦ High durability
◦ Exceptional print surface quality

  • Model: CDR80WPP100SK
  • Manufactured by: Taiyo Yuden

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