Video Storage Pro 2500 500GB Hard Disk

Ideal for the Video Professional on the Go! The Video Storage Pro from NextoDI is a portable and compact SxS and P2 raw video storage unit which is completely standalone, no PC is required. The NVS2500 allows you to quickly backup most forms of media in-the-field to an internal hard drive. No need to get back to the office to download and review your video, the NVS2500 can do all this and more right where you are, quickly and easily. The NVS2500 also incorporates its own rechargeable battery and an LCD screen to review and verify your file backup. By eliminating the need to carry multiple storage cards, the NVS2500 can save you money as well!

Featuring native ExpressCard, CompactFlash and SDHC slots. Patented X-copy technology makes it possible to achieve an ultra fast data transfer rate of 80MB/s.

With the built-in 2.4″ colour preview monitor, you can review your transferred footage as thumbnails and playback video clips. Also, there’s a multiple back-up function. Simply plug a second hard drive into the NVS2500 and back-up to both devices simultaneously without requiring a laptop.

NextoDI Video Storage Pro Features:

  • Fastest in class data backup speed at 80Mb/sec – four times faster than backing up to a laptop
  • Portable storage with built-in battery
  • Thumbnails view & previewing video clips on its built-in 2.4″ colour LCD
  • Versatile power usage – multiple options for recharging
  • Back-up a wide range of removable memory cards and formats, including SxS, CF, SDHC & MS Pro-HG (also P2 via an adaptor)
  • Shock Protection with Free Fall Sensor

The NextoDI Video Storage Pro NVS2500’s high performance, reliability and portability make it an indispensable tool for solid state workflow!

  • Model: NVS2500-500H
  • Manufactured by: NextoDi

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