Millenniata long term optical data archiving solution

The Millenniata™ Solution is a long term optical media data archiving solution.Simple to use. Easy to deploy.



The Millenniata™ Solution: M-WRITER™ and M-DISC™


Presently, no other method exists to store digital content for an extremely extended period. Conventional recordable media has a lifespan of between five and ten years. Solid state storage is similar. Magnetic tape is around twelve years. A RAID5 hard disk array is up to fifteen years. All of these storage methods have weaknesses that can and will occur and lead to the inability to read the stored data.

Millenniata, Inc. of Utah, USA has invented a method to store digital content permanently. The M-DISC™ and M-WRITER™ drive is an optical disc solution that uses the DVD format to store data. The M-DISC™ can be played back in a conventional DVD-ROM or DVD-Video player. That is where the similarity to DVD as you know it ends.

The Millenniata™ Solution is a combination of the M-DISC™ and the M-WRITER™.

 Millenniata M-DISC Logo

The media, M-DISC™, is similar to conventional recordable media only in its size and shape. The write layer consists of a super-hard, rock-like substance which is not sensitive to the environmental factors of light, temperature or humidity which cause conventional recordable media to fail in three to eight years.

 Millenniata M-WRITER Logo

The special write layer also needs a special drive: the M-WRITER™. It uses high laser power to etch the pit structure into the disc - permanently.

The recorded M-DISC™ can then be played back in any conventional DVD drive in a computer or DVD player.

The Millenniata™ Solution is a truly Write Once, Read Forever™ technology.

We invite you to download the brochure and take a closer look.

How does it work? Plug. Burn. Archive. 

Millenniata's Write Once, Read Forever™ technology is a plug and play archival solution that will store your information permanently. Plug the M-DRIVE™ into your computer. Burn your M-DISC™. Archive it. 

Millenniata M-DRIVE and M-DISC

If you can burn a regular recordable disc, you already know how to use the Millenniata™ Solution. It works the same way as conventional recordable DVD. You insert the M-DISC™ into the M-WRITER™ drive. You use your favourite software to write the data. Your information is now stored permanently. You play it back anywhere in a conventional drive or player. It's that simple!

PC, Mac, Linux? Yes. If your operating system can recognise an external USB 2.0 device capable of recording optical media, it is probable that the Millenniata™ solution will be supported.

M-DISC™ and M-DRIVE™ work in tandem to create a useful disc that can be played back without special readers. 

The M-WRITER™ is available as an external USB 2.0 device and also as an internal device for custom installation in professionally configured systems. 

M-DISC™ media is available in packs of 25 or cartons of 600. Red Circle Media can help you to choose packaging to store your recorded M-DISCS™ safely for the longest time. 

How does the Millenniata™ Solution work? Simply, elegantly and effortlessly.

Independant Testing

USN NAVAIR Test at China Lake, California, USA.


The Millenniata™ Solution has won the attention of government and military organisations around the world.

M-DISC™ media's is extremely robust and has unequalled integrity potential in adverse circumstances are of great interest to many organisations that need ruggedised and incident resistant data carrier solutions.

As a result, the Life Cycle and Environmental Engineering Branch of the Naval Air Warfare Center Weapons Division at China Lake California designed and executed the most rigorous extreme testing of archival discs from both Millenniata, Inc. and competitors. Their reason? They wanted the best for their special requirements.

Test rig at the China Lake facility for testing archival media

Picture: Test Rig used by the USN NAVAIR facility at China Lake, California for testing many kinds of archival media.

The recorded discs were exposed to heat, light and humidity for 24 hours - an exposure that a human could not possibly survive. Many 'respected' and 'archival' brands were put to the test and failed. They are named and shamed in the full report.

At the end of the test, only one brand still worked: Millenniata's M-DISC™. NAVIAR chose the Millenniata™ Solution for their purpose. You can too.

The Millenniata™ Solution is now available for all business and consumer applications in Australia.

Download a summary of the report or download the full 75 page report here.


  • Manufactured by: Millenniata

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