Titan Encrypted USB Flash Drive

  • Massive storage capacity
  • Durable metal casing
  • Includes 'Secure Lock' 256 bit AES security software (Windows® only)
  • Intelligent Protection - Data will be automatically erased after 10 failed access attempts. Drive is then reset and can be re-used
  • Comes complete with lanyard so you can wear the Titan Flash Drive around your neck
  • Transfer and backup data between office and home with ease, just drag & drop files onto the USB
  • Windows ReadyBoost™ compatible
  • Support for Windows and Mac OS
  • Unique ID (optional) - The USB Flash Drive can be personalised with a designated company identifying name or number. This will allow a Network Administrator to block access to unrecognised USBs for security purposes, whilst allowing the Integral USB Flash Drive to function as the ‘official' company drive


  • The Integral Titan includes 'Secure Lock' 256-bit AES encryption software, so you can protect valuable and sensitive data on the move. 'Secure Lock' has an easy to use drag and drop interface for on the fly encryption

System Requirements:

  • USB Port (USB 2.0 for hi-speed data transfer)
  • Windows ME/XP/Vista/7
  • Mac OS 8.6+/9.0+/OS X
  • Windows ReadyBoost™ is an exclusive feature of Windows Vista and 7


  • Manufactured by: Integral

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